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    On August 1, 2015, a group of ALS organizations in the United States , including the ALS Association , Les Turner ALS Foundation , and ALS Therapy Development Institute , re-introduced the Ice Bucket Challenge for 2015 to raise further funds with the intention of establishing it as an annual occurrence. [7] Accordingly, people performed the challenge again in summers 2016 [8] [9] [10] [11] and 2017. [12] [13]

    To sort the table columns here (or for any other table in any HTML page), copy the javascript link from here (control-click the "sort table" link to copy the link) and once you have come back to this page, paste the javascript code you have copied into your URL window and run it. (The other table scripts there can also be used here.) Alternatively, instead of copying the link, you could drag it into your bookmarks toolbar, allowing the link to be accessible in the future from the toolbar. This sorting feature could be particularly useful if and when the categories of the Swadesh template and/or Basic English template are fleshed out.

    Various - Alle 55 KortVarious - Alle 55 KortVarious - Alle 55 KortVarious - Alle 55 Kort