Time of orchids sarcast while

    He was a longtime member of NYC-avant rock band Time of Orchids , [3] who released 6 albums, collaborated with pianist Marilyn Crispell , Kate Pierson (The B-52's), Julee Cruise ("Twin Peaks"), trumpeter Tim Byrnes, and was signed to a number significant labels (one of which was John Zorn 's Tzadik label). [4] He has two solo albums out of Nebraska's Public Eyesore /Eh? record label - 2004's Oceans in the Sun + 2008's World Without Nachos . [5] He latest album A Loaf Of Fun will be released in 2014 [ needs update ] on the Ohio-based label Factotum Tapes.

    Time of Orchids toured with bands like Kayo Dot , Cheer-Accident , Behold... the Arctopus , Genghis Tron and… read more

    Time Of Orchids Sarcast While