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    The UFC 220 pay-per-view headliner on Jan. 20 at Boston’s TD Garden has been billed as the most highly anticipated heavyweight matchup in years. But the real main attraction isn’t Ngannou (11-1 MMA, 6-0 UFC) and Miocic (17-2 MMA, 11-2 UFC).

    Peach wants Tippi back, but Francis refuses to give her up, and the heroes must battle him. Francis has an array of attacks against the player: as a chameleon, he can change his coloration to disappear into his surroundings, thereby avoiding attacks. This ability leaves the player with few intervals to attack him; that is, unless Mario flips into 3-D, where Francis's moving shadow is visible. Francis's most devastating weapon is his prehensile tongue, with which he can swallow any of the heroes whole and slowly damage them by chewing. Lastly, Francis can employ his technology in battle; his laptop can summon an army of Meowbombs , and his camera temporarily blinds Mario and his friends when the flash goes off. Upon defeat he runs away, yelling "Mercy!", and Tippi is released.

    Since James had been widely discredited, there seemed little point in going to the trouble of locking him up. But what if there was enough truth in his report to make the Chinese keen to check his story out for themselves?

    Francis - WatchingFrancis - WatchingFrancis - WatchingFrancis - Watching