Various part time punks 1

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    To unfamiliar ears, it might be hard to distinguish the smoky androgyny of Standish's Australian-accented voice from that of Tropic of Cancer vocalist Camella Lobo's spectre-like echo. But it's humour – or specifically Tropic of Cancer's lack thereof – that sets the two apart. You need only look at the band names to anticipate the outcome: HTRK's sardonic, vowelless corruption of their original 'Hate Rock Trio' moniker; Tropic of Cancer's maudlin reference to Henry Miller's sexually explicit 1934 novel. Just listen to the indulgent address to emotional emptiness in Lobo's 'A Color' next to the breathy drawl of "my plastic heart attack, make me come in nine flavours, shrink wrap" on HTRK's 'Synthetik'. Musically, too, there's a sophistication to HTRK – rooted in their near-fetishistic obsessions with texture and object love - largely lacking in Lobo's music.

    Various Part Time Punks 1Various Part Time Punks 1Various Part Time Punks 1Various Part Time Punks 1